For Reliable Transportation Around Cayman, Rent a Car

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Marshalls-rent-a-car-homebanner011405315132If you’re looking at a trip through the Caribbean, there are a lot of reasons to go with car rentals in Cayman. For starters, renting a car gives you a more enjoyable trip than relying on public transportation. The rental car company should make sure everything is in working order before you take one of their vehicles, so you won’t have to worry nearly as much about unexpected breakdowns. You won’t have to stick to pre-selected routes, either, which gives you more freedom to explore and go out of your way without being too inconvenienced.


Maybe more importantly, car hire on Grand Cayman and similar places allow you a lot more flexibility with your schedule. Instead of planning your trips based on the shuttles and bus times, you can come and go as you please. You’ll be able to change your itinerary without having to concern yourself over transportation rates and changeovers. And if you’re careful and you pick a small car, you can even be able to keep gas costs down low enough to stay below the rates of cab fares. The consistency provided by a rental car means you don’t have to haggle over fare prices, tips, or have your trip experience soured by an unruly driver.

The flexibility of a rental car extends beyond itinerary options. If you plan on bringing a lot of luggage or special equipment for diving, snorkeling, photography, biking, or golfing, then reserving the right rental car can make sure that you always have the right amount of space, and you’ll be able to safely secure and stow all your belongings while keeping them easy to unload.

GPS and Navigation

Your Grand Caymans car rentals provider can also provide you with a GPS device, which will eliminate the potential for getting lost or ending up somewhere you don’t want to be. There are plenty of other options that prove a rental car is the superior choice. For example, you can opt for a vehicle with XM radio to make sure you can keep up with your favorite stations, get a small vehicle for a couple on a honeymoon, or a van that can carry a large family so you don’t ever have to split up. If you have small children, you can easily include a car seat in your package. Your child will stay safe, and you won’t have to worry about carrying a car seat on an airplane.


Andy’s Rent-A-Car is the Cayman Islands premier rental car service, specializing in providing guests with a smooth ride to go anywhere on the island chain.

Sanitation Rules for a Frozen Yogurt Shop

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Written by: Gelato Products

Summary: Make sure you follow these rules to properly sanitize your ice cream shop.

If you run a frozen yogurt shop, proper sanitation in accordance with the law is a must. Failure to comply with the standards set forth by the health department could lead to closures, which translates to a loss of business. The health department has specific rules for your state and your profession that you should be mindful of, but mastery of these basics will get you most of the way to where you want to be.

Wash Hands

Rule number one should be clean hands at all times. Employees should be encouraged to wear gloves while they work, especially if they are handling the customer’s food directly. Signs should be posted in the bathrooms directing people to wash their hands after using the facilities. Another element to keep an eye out for is hair nets. Employees with facial hair will need hair nets, the same as those who choose not to wear hats and are not bald.

You might also consider having hand sanitizer for guests too. Have guests use the sanitizer before handling a cup or cone, or before using plastic yogurt spoons for the first time to avoid food borne illness.

Avoid Cross Contamination

Cross contamination occurs when you have mixed more than one food together. When you’re serving froyo, cross contamination can get people sick. Make sure you’re not using ice cream spoons on toppings, and that each topping is in its own space. Fruits are especially susceptible because they are fresh and may need to be kept cold. Make sure you’re always rotating perishable items too, and that you dispose of everything when the date is up.

Use Different Spoons

Make sure that you are not using the same spoon to serve different substances. Not only do you cross flavors when you use gelato spoons on ice cream or froyo, it changes the consistency of the mixture. Gelato is very light and creamy, adding too much frozen yogurt or ice cream to the mix will change the texture in the customer’s mouth. Different spoons also help cut down on cross contamination, so be sure your customers aren’t using the same spoon

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve done all you can to prevent the obvious sources of contamination, it’s time to consult your state’s specific rules on healthy and safety. Remember to mind freezer temperature, case temperature and internal temperature to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Why Tourists Are Avoiding Your Gelato Shop

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By Gelato Products

Gelato might be one of the most underrated products out there. It’s like ice cream—which everybody loves—but even better. It’s far smoother and it tends to have much better, more enjoyable flavors. If your shop has access to the best frozen yogurt suppliers, you can offer your customers an absolutely delicious treat.

The thing about gelato, though, is that it isn’t as commonplace as something like dessert. It should be! But right now, it isn’t. Right now, it’s still a pretty rare thing. This doesn’t have to be a negative, though. Instead, you can use it to your advantage. You can convince, say, tourists that it’s something they should be interested in trying on their vacation. They may even try it several times. I mean, it’s vacation. Why not let loose and have a few desserts?


Here’s the thing, though. Tourists still want their money’s worth. They want white paper cups that are durable and won’t leak. They want spoons that won’t give off a funny taste. They want high quality napkins.

What I’m getting at is that you can’t just hope that your gelato will be enough to win over customers, even if they are tourists who are out for a good time. Make sure that you take care with every feature of your shop and your customers will repay you handsomely.


For all the personalized ice cream cups you need and more, look no further than Gelato Products. They’ll help you keep your customers coming back for more.

The Top Reasons Why Renting a Car is Better than a Taxi

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Written by: Andy’s Rent a Car

When it comes to getting around town, especially when you’re vacationing in the Cayman Islands, you have a number of options. There are buses that roam the streets, and taxis too, but for those who really want to enjoy the island only a rental will do. There are many advantages to choosing a rental car over these other choices and knowing what these are may convince you to do so.

The Advantages of a Rental Car

Say you need to hit a clothing store before you head out for the evening. A taxi will charge, and you’ll have to wait at each stop with your bags.

You Choose the Time

Rental cars offer the option to rent a car per day, week or even longer. You get a set dollar amount that is sure to be a much lower expense to you than getting a taxi every time you need to make a trip around the island. Just remember to gas up before you return.

You won’t need to track down a new taxi, taking the chance that you may not like the driver, every time you need a ride. Book rental cars in Grand Cayman well enough in advance and you can select the type of car you wish to rent with ease.

Coverage, Not Hassle

You can choose the amount of coverage you feel is best when dealing with rental cars in Grand Cayman. What if you’re involved in an accident, and you’re injured or there is damage to the rental car? It’s much easier to settle that claim than it would be to settle a legal dispute over an accident with a taxi cab.

You get choice over the package and options you choose. Want GPS in a luxury car? How about a stick shift economy class with great gas mileage? Depending on what you want to pay, you can choose nearly any option. Take your vacation as a good opportunity to try something new, driving a car you’ve always wanted but never had the chance.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if you’re spending a day or a week in the Cayman Islands, you will want to make the most of your time in this beautiful location. The climate is warm, and the temperature is usually above average, so take the time to see all of the sceneries you can while you’re there. Be sure to contact Grand Caymans car rentals to help you choose the best vehicle to help you enjoy your vacation!



Beat the Bluster: Updating Your B&B in the Age of Airbnb

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With the rise of Airbnb, many B&B owners may be looking for ways to rejuvenate their business. There is a big difference between loaning out your home and specially constructing a relaxing and interesting experience for anticipated guests. So, take pride in your business and consider these bedroom and property improvements to put yourself ahead of the casual competition.

Find Luxury in Moderation and Variety

Add value-increasing features where they will have the greatest impact on your guest’s experience. By the nature of a B&B, guests mostly interact with the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, so focus your efforts on these places. Guests appreciate the luxury of a foam mattress topper. However, resist the temptation to focus on softness; aim for a middle ground that will leave everyone well-rested. To improve the breakfasting experience, take some cooking classes and build your repertoire. Providing a variety of breakfast options can be an attractive feature for potential guests with food sensitivities or religious dining preferences.

Get the Most for Your Money

Make sure you keep your focus when developing your improvement plan. Fixing unsatisfyingly low water pressure may be a better investment than a claw-foot tub or decorative soaps. Keep an eye on how hard or soft your water is and calibrate appropriately so guests do not feel gritty or slimy after cleaning up. If it’s not possible to deodorize a stained or damaged bed, don’t shy away from the idea of getting a complete mattress replacement. To prevent future damage, invest in a mattress topper as well that can be replaced more easily in the future.

Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager for The Foam Factory, Inc., a foam and foam-related products vendor based out of Southeast Michigan. Learn more about their products at