The Top Reasons Why Renting a Car is Better than a Taxi

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Written by: Andy’s Rent a Car

When it comes to getting around town, especially when you’re vacationing in the Cayman Islands, you have a number of options. There are buses that roam the streets, and taxis too, but for those who really want to enjoy the island only a rental will do. There are many advantages to choosing a rental car over these other choices and knowing what these are may convince you to do so.

The Advantages of a Rental Car

Say you need to hit a clothing store before you head out for the evening. A taxi will charge, and you’ll have to wait at each stop with your bags.

You Choose the Time

Rental cars offer the option to rent a car per day, week or even longer. You get a set dollar amount that is sure to be a much lower expense to you than getting a taxi every time you need to make a trip around the island. Just remember to gas up before you return.

You won’t need to track down a new taxi, taking the chance that you may not like the driver, every time you need a ride. Book rental cars in Grand Cayman well enough in advance and you can select the type of car you wish to rent with ease.

Coverage, Not Hassle

You can choose the amount of coverage you feel is best when dealing with rental cars in Grand Cayman. What if you’re involved in an accident, and you’re injured or there is damage to the rental car? It’s much easier to settle that claim than it would be to settle a legal dispute over an accident with a taxi cab.

You get choice over the package and options you choose. Want GPS in a luxury car? How about a stick shift economy class with great gas mileage? Depending on what you want to pay, you can choose nearly any option. Take your vacation as a good opportunity to try something new, driving a car you’ve always wanted but never had the chance.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if you’re spending a day or a week in the Cayman Islands, you will want to make the most of your time in this beautiful location. The climate is warm, and the temperature is usually above average, so take the time to see all of the sceneries you can while you’re there. Be sure to contact Grand Caymans car rentals to help you choose the best vehicle to help you enjoy your vacation!




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