Most Incredible Chateaus Throughout Europe

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Europe has an impressive collection of incredible chateaus that are steeped in history, breathtakingly beautiful, and protected as treasures in each of their respective countries. The following are a few chateaus that are renowned for their unforgettable aesthetic.

The Palace of Pena

Built in the 19th century and heavily influenced by Moorish architecture, the Palace of Pena in Lisbon was created on the basis of King Ferdinand II’s love of the era’s Romantic period. A luxurious park surrounds the palace, boasting more than five hundred varying species of trees that have been collected from every part of the world.

The Alcazar Castle

Located in Segovia, Spain, the Alcazar Castle is a stone fortress that is arguably one of the most distinctive in the world. Its rich history over the years has included service as a state prison, military academy, and home to the Royal Artillery College. It is also noted for being just one of the chateaus that inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

The Neuschwanstein Castle

Specifically built in the 19th century to avoid the masses, the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany is now one of the most visited in the world annually, with more than 1.5 million people that trek there to take in its picturesque beauty.

Conwy Castle

Built by Edward I on the northern coast of Wales between 1283 and 1289, the Conwy Castle is regarded as an architectural landmark of the highest order. Featuring imported stone and residing on the rivery Conwy, the chateau is an internationally acclaimed landmark.

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How to Effectively Score a Good Deal on a Rental Car

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Summary: Rental car companies can often be swayed to give you a solid discount.

Saving money on a car rental in Abu Dhabi is much easier than you imagined. It’s all about being prepared. What this means is that doing the right amount of research and negotiations with a company of your choice could end up with you getting the upper hand. And, with vacation costs adding up to the thousands, it’s likely that you’ll want to be discounted every dollar that you can get.

Leave Your Options Open

If one rental company doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to move on to another one. There are numerous car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE that are waiting to do business with you. And, with a conversation with these companies, you could end up scoring a huge discount. These companies want your business and are looking to do anything that they can to have you sign under them – even if this means lowering the price. While some businesses will remain firm with their prices, if you feel that it is unreasonable, don’t be afraid to simply move on to another company. Leaving your options open could be your ticket to saving money.

Regardless of the outcome, know that there are always companies waiting in the wings to provide you with a discount. Compare prices in advance and you’ll undoubtedly score a deal that could provide you with all the amenities for free. The negotiation process doesn’t have to be a heated debate, it’s a simple process that questions whether or not they want another customer in their books.

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How to open a protein smoothie business?

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Written by Gelato Products

For the health conscious, smoothies have become a popular dessert choice. Often these smoothies are made with low-fat ice cream or gelato, milk and fruits and are therefore lower in calories than other dessert options. If you are considering venturing into the smoothie market, here are some areas to consider.

Licenses and permits – To operate a food service business it is a legal requirement to obtain a business permit, licenses and pass all state required sanitation certifications. The requirements will vary from state to Therefore it is best to contact your local state, county or city licensing division for assistance.

Favorable location – Selecting an appropriate location for your business is crucial for business success. Look at a location that has a lot of foot traffic, tourist attractions or a space close to a mall or recreational center. Other areas such as schools, parks, and playgrounds are also lucrative locations.

Capital – The amount of capital will vary, depending on the size of your business. On average a smoothie business will require approximately $75,000 to $250,000 in start-up capital.

Appliances and equipment – Smoothie stores will need to invest in refrigeration units, freezers, storage units and ice bins. For your cold treats look at Ice Cream supplies from quality vendors who will provide you products that match your customers’ requirements.

Supplies – To serve your smoothies you will need custom ice cream cups, plastic cups, bowls, straws, napkins, spoons, toothpicks, lids, and caps.


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