House Your Dreams

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By Relocate to Richmond

                A lot of us dream of going to college especially a top university. There are a lot of top universities in our own respective countries but for one reason or another, the universities we dream of are abroad. And one location with a lot of top choices for tertiary education is Virginia.

All the top picks

                Virginia is not only home to several great U.S. presidents but also several top universities. The University of Virginia and Virginia Tech call the state home. Those and several other great universities churn out great graduates with capacities to change the world in their own unique way. They shape young minds for great futures everyday and I’m sure you would like to be one of those lucky minds destined for a great future. However, going to your dream school always goes through a rough road paved with difficulties and problems. There are several things that we have to conquer such as tuition. But that’s always solvable with scholarships and such. Then comes the question of housing.

So many housing options.

                Student dorms fill up quickly and many turn to housing outside of campus. But it can be difficult for a young student to find housing on their own. There are tons of websites where you can find the homes for sale Richmond Virginia has to offer. Theses websites also have a comprehensive list of resources that even contain listings for excellent realtors in the area. Don’t let housing hinder you from reaching your dream, move in now

Relocate to Richmond is a comprehensive website that offers various resources for moving into Virginia. Pick from a great list of realtor in Richmond Virginia to help you move in today.

How can I explore the Cayman Islands?

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By Andy’s Rent-A-Car

When venturing out on your next Cayman Island visit, nothing beats the mobility and convenience of driving around in your own vehicle. Whether for business or Pleasure, buzzing about the rich coastal areas of the cayman islands is made better with a car. When selecting which company to make a reservation with, always check to see if they meet your requirements, and of course, your budget.

Selecting a Rental

Before you even get to the Grand Cayman Islands, take the time to do your research on the many ways to make a car rental. From start to finish, no way is easier than to choose to reserve with a cayman islands rent a car company for your next vehicle rental. From the selection process, a rental company’s knowledge and expertise can help minimize your costs. From the selection of your car, to the itinerary and even transportation to and from their lot, a knowledgeable rental company can make this part of the process much easier.

Pick up the keys and drive

Once you arrive, your car rental will be ready for you at the company lot. Most companies will offer you complimentary transportation from the air- or sea-port to their lot. Once you arrive at the lot, a couple of signatures must be signed, and off you go with your chosen rental, free to drive all over the island. Feel free to explore the island knowing that you aren’t tied down by schedules or bus routes and enjoy your vacation to its fullest!

Andy’s Rent-A-Car is an experienced provider of quality car rentals cayman islands. Visit the site to learn how you can get the best deals on your next car rental grand cayman island.

Alaska is for Romantics

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When you think about romantic holidays, you might imagine Paris or seeing New York City over Christmas. There are countless options here in the states that can turn a normal vacation into one full of love. But many people don’t imagine seeing Alaska. This is a pity, because one visit could convince you it’s the most romantic place on earth.

Sure, it’ll be important to travel with a loved one. And you might have to do a little bit of work to frame some experiences in context. But it’s not impossible.

For example, take a trip down the Stikine River. You can enjoy it from the comfort and warmth of a boat or paddle down it with your special someone. Either way, there will be no denying the majesty of nature as you’ll be surrounded by some of the best examples on all sides.

If your special someone loves the cute and cuddly, Alaska won’t disappoint either. You can go bear watching and see some little cubs or even the bigger varieties from a nice safe distance. Whale watching is always a blast too.

The best part is that you can hire companies like Breakaway Adventure to handle all the details for you. All you need to do is have the hotel room prepared or make sure there’s a special restaurant ready with wine and candles.

Breakaway Alaska specializes in vacations that are far from normal. Come to Wrangell, Alaska and you’ll enjoy the kind of Alaska Sightseeing few have ever witnessed.

The Race to the South Pole

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This article was written by Samuel Phineas Upham

Antarctica was one of the last great prizes left for exploration by the late 19th century. The continent was probably first discovered by groups of seal hunters and whalers seeking a bounty, but that fleeting interest soon passed. Richer nations like America, the UK, and Germany all took the initiative to plan expeditions there. This started an international competition of sorts, with Norway and Britain at the forefront.

Robert Scott

Robert Scott had already begun travelling to the South Pole during the Discovery expedition. The government funded trip took him within 410 miles of the pole, which made him the closest explorer to reach the pole. A rivalry between him and Ernest Shackleton spurred Shackleton to form his own expedition, which shattered Scott’s “farthest South” record by over 300 miles. The expedition ended 100 miles outside of the pole, where Shackleton’s group planted the Union Jack and turned back to avoid almost certain death.

Scott versus Amundsen

Scott began organizing a return expedition with the goal of finally reaching the pole. In fact, his sights never left that fabled prize and his determination was stronger than ever. He was on his way toward Antarctica in January of 1911 when he received a telegraph from a rival Captain: Roald Amundsen. Amundsen was still licking his wounds from the disappointment of the Americans discovering the North Pole before he did. He took his expedition south, allowing his crew the opportunity to abandon the expedition. Not a single man left, and the journey continued.

Amundsen’s team would reach the pole first, and Scott would die trying. The story is one of the most harrowing and compelling narratives of human determination.

About the Author: Samuel Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Samuel Phineas Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media and Telecom group. You may contact Samuel Phineas Upham on his Facebook page.

The Best Ways to See the Great Barrier Reef

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This article was written by Samuel Phineas Upham.

The Great Barrier Reef is an adventure only as amazing as you make it, and there are tons of ways to approach it. You can explore under water, discovering the diverse wildlife awaiting you, or check out the luxurious life at the hotels. Those lucky enough to visit the Reef should be sure to spend time visiting one or more of these attractions.

Explore a Pontoon

Grab a boat for a full-day excursion that takes you to a permanently anchored pontoon. You can party amongst the reef, admiring the sights of the ocean from the comforts of hotel life. You can learn about the Reef through scientific presentations from biologists working in the area, snorkel amongst the wildlife, or take a boat tour around the islands.

Stay on an Island

The islands in the Reef are like miniature getaways in and of themselves. Fitzroy Island is a wonderful place to visit, with glass-bottom boat rides that the whole family will enjoy. You can also enjoy a walk through the bush, exploring rainforest-like jungles through national park land. The island resort features 99 rooms, including apartment-style rooms with their own kitchens.

Scuba Dive

There are helmet dive tours that can take you underwater for an up close and personal view of the marine life without getting your hair wet. There is also the sea-walker adventure on Green island, where guests tour the ocean floor by walking an artificial platform.

Soar Above

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a helicopter ride, the Great Barrier Reef is the place to do it. Some cruises even offer a discounted helicopter ride that launches from a pad on the ship, so check with your travel agent before booking your trip.

About the Author: Samuel Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Samuel Phineas Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Samuel Phineas Upham on his Facebook page.