How to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad

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Summary: Safety should always be your number one concern if you’re planning a trip overseas.

If you’re planning a trip abroad, get ready for one of the most memorable trips of your life. Not only will you be meeting new people and participating in a bunch of new activities, but you’ll also experience the culture and lifestyle of a new country. However, one should always be cautious when they travel as there can be safety concerns. Here are some tips that’ll keep you safe and sound.

Always be Ready With Documentation

Before you depart, be sure to make copies of your passport, medical card, credit cards, and itinerary. All of these play a crucial role in having a smooth trip. You can give a copy to a friend or family member back home while also having one on you. Email all the important details to yourself so you can access it if you forget to do something.

A common travel tip that many people do is store a $20 folded under the sole of your shoe in the case of an emergency.

Don’t Be Loud and Obnoxious

Sure, you might come from a city that’s less reserved and is accustomed to people that love to be outspoken. However, don’t let this personality translate when you cross the border. You might be doing something that’ll piss off people without you even knowing it. Always stay mild-mannered, especially in areas that value tradition and culture. The next place you might find yourself is in a police station being questioned about things that you aren’t even associated with. Or worse, you could even be jailed.

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The Top Precautions to Take When Renting a Car Abroad

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Summary: Following these tips can help you save a significant amount of money and time.

Once you’ve finalized your car hire in Jordan, or whichever country you’re planning on visiting, be sure that you take the following precautions and inspect the car before driving off. These little tips could end up saving you money – and even your life.

Quick Inspection

While you may not want to spend hours looking at every detail of the car, be sure that you check the essentials like: oil and windshield wiper fluid, tire pressure, paint job, stains, and interior damage. If you notice some damage that’s visible, be sure to take a picture and record it so you don’t end up being charged by the rental company for something you didn’t even do.

Fuel Levels

Rental companies are known for charging high rates for refilling the tank. Before you depart, be sure that you have a full tank on your end. Also, be sure to read their policy on what you need to return the car with. Even the slightest showing that the fuel is under what they consider is optimal could end up costing you in extra fees. Don’t let this happen to you.

Check the Glove Compartment

One of the last things you might do is check the glove compartment for a copy of the car registration, but it’s one of the most important things you need to take care of before you leave. If you’re stopped by the local police, chances are you’ll need that registration to avoid any problems. Every business that does car rentals in Jordan will have a registration paper available for you – just confirm it’s in there before you leave.

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Day Hike in Europe Gear List

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You’re off on a day hike in Europe. The most important question is what to pack and how to stay comfortable. This advice from Dev Randhawa will help.

First, consider:

  • How long does the hike take on average?
  • What is the altitude gain?
  • What is the weather forecast?
  • Will you be hiking by yourself?

Here are some tips for what to bring to stay warm, dry and happy when you’re out on a day hike.

  • A day pack is the most essential piece of equipment for any hike.
  • Water bottle, preferably with a loop in it to secure to the outside of your pack.
  • Besides lunch and a fruit, bring along some nuts and chocolate for energy.
  • Band-aids and antiseptic ointment in case of minor cuts and blisters.
  • A charged cell phone in case you get lost.
  • Camera
  • Small notepad and pen
  • Comfortable hiking shoes or boots, depending on the terrain of the hike.
  • Two pairs of socks. Wearing two pairs of socks protects against blisters. If you are wearing boots, it’s extremely helpful to have one thin pair of socks for sweat-absorption underneath a thicker pair of socks that can be pulled up over your ankles.
  • Comfortable trousers, zip-off trousers or long shorts that do not constrain your waist.
  • A long sleeved shirt to protect against the sun, and a hat to protect your head and ears from too much sun.
  • No matter what the weather looks like when you leave, pack a lightweight fleece and a lightweight rain jacket for inevitable sudden weather changes.

Most Incredible Chateaus Throughout Europe

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Europe has an impressive collection of incredible chateaus that are steeped in history, breathtakingly beautiful, and protected as treasures in each of their respective countries. The following are a few chateaus that are renowned for their unforgettable aesthetic.

The Palace of Pena

Built in the 19th century and heavily influenced by Moorish architecture, the Palace of Pena in Lisbon was created on the basis of King Ferdinand II’s love of the era’s Romantic period. A luxurious park surrounds the palace, boasting more than five hundred varying species of trees that have been collected from every part of the world.

The Alcazar Castle

Located in Segovia, Spain, the Alcazar Castle is a stone fortress that is arguably one of the most distinctive in the world. Its rich history over the years has included service as a state prison, military academy, and home to the Royal Artillery College. It is also noted for being just one of the chateaus that inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

The Neuschwanstein Castle

Specifically built in the 19th century to avoid the masses, the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany is now one of the most visited in the world annually, with more than 1.5 million people that trek there to take in its picturesque beauty.

Conwy Castle

Built by Edward I on the northern coast of Wales between 1283 and 1289, the Conwy Castle is regarded as an architectural landmark of the highest order. Featuring imported stone and residing on the rivery Conwy, the chateau is an internationally acclaimed landmark.

Bio: Today, Dev Randhawa manages multiple blogs that help to fund his travels around the world. Since 2010, Dev Randhawa has been at the forefront of fashion insight and men’s style.

How to Effectively Score a Good Deal on a Rental Car

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Summary: Rental car companies can often be swayed to give you a solid discount.

Saving money on a car rental in Abu Dhabi is much easier than you imagined. It’s all about being prepared. What this means is that doing the right amount of research and negotiations with a company of your choice could end up with you getting the upper hand. And, with vacation costs adding up to the thousands, it’s likely that you’ll want to be discounted every dollar that you can get.

Leave Your Options Open

If one rental company doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to move on to another one. There are numerous car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE that are waiting to do business with you. And, with a conversation with these companies, you could end up scoring a huge discount. These companies want your business and are looking to do anything that they can to have you sign under them – even if this means lowering the price. While some businesses will remain firm with their prices, if you feel that it is unreasonable, don’t be afraid to simply move on to another company. Leaving your options open could be your ticket to saving money.

Regardless of the outcome, know that there are always companies waiting in the wings to provide you with a discount. Compare prices in advance and you’ll undoubtedly score a deal that could provide you with all the amenities for free. The negotiation process doesn’t have to be a heated debate, it’s a simple process that questions whether or not they want another customer in their books.

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Haggling Prices at a Car Rental Company Can Save You Tons

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Successful negotiations have netted customers hundreds of dollars in savings.

Dubai-International-AirportWhen it comes to price haggling, the place that you’d least expect to be able to obtain a better rate is at a car rental business. Even after you believe that you have booked the cheapest price, it’s always worth going over to the rental counter to see if you can negotiate the prices.

It Never Hurts to Ask

It’s true. Depending on the type of approach that you take, you could potentially haggle your way to a better deal. Let’s say you’re looking to find a car rental in Abu Dhabi. You walk to the counter and see what they have to offer. Don’t hesitate to see if they have a current discount available. Many times, depending on the mood of the rental car consultant, they’ll look in to see what their “manager has to say”. This could be anything from a 5% discount to obtaining a bigger vehicle for the price of a compact car. It’s important that you don’t come in believing that you’ll already get a discount. It’s just flat-out rude and most of these employees are just looking to do business.

Not every company will offer you a discount though. For instance a long term car rental in Dubai International Airport may not graciously offer a discount due to their affiliation with the airlines. This could be for financial reasons or a legal contract that they are bound by. But again, it never hurts to ask. And, when it comes to a vacation, you already know the amount of money that you’re going to pay for the trip – the more money you can save, the better.

Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC can help you find premium car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE. Contact them today for more information.

Three Reasons Why a Train Date Should Be Your Next Romantic Getaway

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train-getawayTrains are a romantic adventure, but they aren’t the first thought that comes to mind for most people looking for a romantic date. Why not? What’s more romantic that speeding through the most beautiful parts of California, eating an amazing dinner with the person you care most for?

Here are three reasons why train tours are the next romantic date you don’t know about yet.

The Destination

Take the Napa Valley Wine Train and you’ll find yourself headed to one of the most beautiful parts of the state, with a destination getaway. You can arrange to stay in Napa Valley if you like, going wine tasting or just relaxing at one of the many boutique hotels you’ll find. It’s not a terribly long trip, but it does take through some sweeping views.

You Control the Experience

Many trains offer different packages so you control the experience you get. Expect to spend anywhere from about two to four hours in a train with your loved one, so it’s wise to consider upgrading to whatever luxury packages are available so you have plenty of space to move around and relax. If you opt for a more cozy atmosphere, make sure you bring some things from home (like nice smelling lotions or romantic music) to make the experience more personal.

The View

Of course, the most romantic of all is the view you’ll see speeding through the country side. There isn’t really an average length of route, as every route is different, but bring your camera and be prepared to snap some photos. During Christmas time, it’s extra special because you get the snow and the starlight shining through clear night skies.

James Provence is a volunteer docent for the California Railway Museums. As a retired Archbishop James Provence resides in Vacaville California.

Packing for a multi-day kayaking trip

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9952_Gov_003Written by Crystal Seas

A kayak vacation can be one that gives you the chance to do what you love while learning and bettering your hobbies. However, packing for more than a one-day kayak trip can be stressful and if you forgot an important item, you may have to hold on your paddle for one more day.

The type of water you will be traveling on will affect the type of gear you need to carry. For example, if you are traveling in open water you will require additional navigational equipment, signaling, and safety gear. Your water will also impact the boat you use and how much storage space is available for gear. Here are some of the items you may need;

General gear – Sleeping bag, Personal mug, plate, Spork, Toiletries, Water pump or purification system, Compact stove, Stove fuel, Kitchen & cooking kit, Tarp or shelter, power pack, headlamp.

Supplies – Food (labeled by day or meal), Water storage, Repair equipment, Breakdown or backup paddle, Duct tape, Needle and thread (for skirt repair), Zip ties  (for boat repair).

Safety Gear – Basic first aid kit, communication device, GPS or navigational device, Emergency contacts.

Clothing & Wearable Gear- Personal Flotation Device, Knife, Whistle, Board shorts or swim suits, Synthetic hat, Sandals, Waterproof footwear and gloves, rain coat, Wetsuit or drysuit, Synthetic socks, Bag for dirty laundry clothes.

Small Essentials – Water bottle, Lighters, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Bug spray, Camera and dry bag, Bear spray

Crystal Seas can give you everything you need—including training—and guide you through your Washington kayak adventure.

Travel to One of the Most Underrated Destinations in the World

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Written by: Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

view of Portofino - beautiful town of Ligurian coast, Italy

finest travel destinations.

Abu Dhabi is a destination visited mainly by the intrepid and the hardcore of travelers. Why? Due to the constant clashing that is occurring in the Middle East, travelers have this idea that it isn’t safe to visit. Furthermore, this has caused a significant decrease in the amount of tourism that is occurring in Abu Dhabi. Realistically, this country is much safer than you might imagine it to be. Don’t pass on a memorable trip when you could be having the time of your life. Take a chance and explore the wonders of Abu Dhabi with these tips that will help you get started.

Renting a Car Is Faster, Easier, and More Efficient

While you may want to utilize public transportation to get a civilian’s point of view, it’s much more efficient to use visit one of the many car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE. This way, you’ll be able to explore the different cities at your own pace, without having to worry about the language barrier, city maps, and rapid pace – although there’s nothing wrong with taking public transportation, it’s just easier to get around via rental car.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi, you might want to start with browsing online. This isn’t just to find the best deal, but it’s also for financial safety purposes as well.

Don’t Skimp Out On the Delicacies

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Abu Dhabi’s culinary repertoire. Everything from small cafes to the more upscale restaurants, enjoy each and every bit of what this beautiful culture has to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals where they like to eat. The hole-in-the-walls tend to offer more of a “comfort food” experience than anything.

Explore, Explore, Explore!

The great thing about Abu Dhabi is that it offers a rich cultural heritage that is beloved by the citizens that live here. There are numerous monuments, landmarks, and even beautiful open settings to see. If you’ve gone the route of car hire in Abu Dhabi, ask your driver where the most popular attractions are. Chances are you’ll find out a lot more about the area than you initially expected. Remember, the locals are the ones that know the areas inside and out. While travel books and brochures are great for reference, you should always ask the locals where and what to see. You might even stumble across something that even the travel books don’t have yet.

Planning Your Rental Vehicle for Business Trips Overseas

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For a cost-efficient trip, be sure to track your purchases and search for long term stay discounts.

business-tripTraveling to Abu Dhabi, you’ll find that many business professionals stop here. For those individuals, long term stays are quite normal. Now, if you are planning on doing business in this exquisite country, you may want to find a long term car rental in Abu Dhabi. This will not only provide you with a means of transportation during your tenure here, but you’ll also be able to make the most out your stay.

Bargain Hunt

It isn’t difficult to find bargains and discounts if you’re staying in the country for a long period of time. Most resorts and car rental companies want you to spend more money by staying in the country longer. Use this to your advantage and inquire about long term discounts. While it may seem like haggling, you’re ideally obtaining a vehicle without breaking the bank. Car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE are relatively flexible when it comes to long term stays, so be sure to negotiate appropriately.


When you are working with a different currency, you may not be able to track all of your purchases. If it’s business, and you’re looking to write certain things off, be sure that you log all of your purchases so that you can begin the reimbursement process once you return back to your headquarters. Note that many employers will look at your car rental as a work expense and you may be compensated for it. Be sure to track all your expenses so you don’t have to break the bank.

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