Travel to One of the Most Underrated Destinations in the World

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Written by: Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

view of Portofino - beautiful town of Ligurian coast, Italy

finest travel destinations.

Abu Dhabi is a destination visited mainly by the intrepid and the hardcore of travelers. Why? Due to the constant clashing that is occurring in the Middle East, travelers have this idea that it isn’t safe to visit. Furthermore, this has caused a significant decrease in the amount of tourism that is occurring in Abu Dhabi. Realistically, this country is much safer than you might imagine it to be. Don’t pass on a memorable trip when you could be having the time of your life. Take a chance and explore the wonders of Abu Dhabi with these tips that will help you get started.

Renting a Car Is Faster, Easier, and More Efficient

While you may want to utilize public transportation to get a civilian’s point of view, it’s much more efficient to use visit one of the many car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE. This way, you’ll be able to explore the different cities at your own pace, without having to worry about the language barrier, city maps, and rapid pace – although there’s nothing wrong with taking public transportation, it’s just easier to get around via rental car.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi, you might want to start with browsing online. This isn’t just to find the best deal, but it’s also for financial safety purposes as well.

Don’t Skimp Out On the Delicacies

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Abu Dhabi’s culinary repertoire. Everything from small cafes to the more upscale restaurants, enjoy each and every bit of what this beautiful culture has to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals where they like to eat. The hole-in-the-walls tend to offer more of a “comfort food” experience than anything.

Explore, Explore, Explore!

The great thing about Abu Dhabi is that it offers a rich cultural heritage that is beloved by the citizens that live here. There are numerous monuments, landmarks, and even beautiful open settings to see. If you’ve gone the route of car hire in Abu Dhabi, ask your driver where the most popular attractions are. Chances are you’ll find out a lot more about the area than you initially expected. Remember, the locals are the ones that know the areas inside and out. While travel books and brochures are great for reference, you should always ask the locals where and what to see. You might even stumble across something that even the travel books don’t have yet.

Planning Your Rental Vehicle for Business Trips Overseas

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For a cost-efficient trip, be sure to track your purchases and search for long term stay discounts.

business-tripTraveling to Abu Dhabi, you’ll find that many business professionals stop here. For those individuals, long term stays are quite normal. Now, if you are planning on doing business in this exquisite country, you may want to find a long term car rental in Abu Dhabi. This will not only provide you with a means of transportation during your tenure here, but you’ll also be able to make the most out your stay.

Bargain Hunt

It isn’t difficult to find bargains and discounts if you’re staying in the country for a long period of time. Most resorts and car rental companies want you to spend more money by staying in the country longer. Use this to your advantage and inquire about long term discounts. While it may seem like haggling, you’re ideally obtaining a vehicle without breaking the bank. Car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE are relatively flexible when it comes to long term stays, so be sure to negotiate appropriately.


When you are working with a different currency, you may not be able to track all of your purchases. If it’s business, and you’re looking to write certain things off, be sure that you log all of your purchases so that you can begin the reimbursement process once you return back to your headquarters. Note that many employers will look at your car rental as a work expense and you may be compensated for it. Be sure to track all your expenses so you don’t have to break the bank.

Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC is your home for long term car rental in Dubai International Airport. For more information, visit them online or call them today.

Looking for Something New for Dinner Tonight? Try Zankou Chicken

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zankou-chicken-restuaraunt-exteriorWhen you visit any of the Los Angeles Zankou locations, you’ll be immediately greeted by delicious smelling food. The menu is in vibrant color and you’re next up. What do you do? If you’re struggling to decide on whether the plate or wrap is right for you, then read for a brief description of each item so you can figure out how much food you’ll need to sate the hunger.


Zankou Chicken’s plates are one of the best values to be found in all of fast casual food. You get a plate of delicious food, including a salad, hummus, pita and meat, for around $10. It’s definitely enough to last two meals, so it’s a great way to treat yourself on lunch break at work. The plate is nice because of the salad, which comes with turnips and pepperoncini peppers too. Rice is your other side dish, which is an excellent alternative to the usual side dish fare you find at Mc Donald’s and the like.

As you might expect, plates aren’t for the faint of appetite. You get a lot of food, and you get to sample a lot of the signature dishes that Zankou is known for, but it might be overwhelming for one person with a tiny appetite. In that situation, you should eat the salad mostly so your plate won’t be soggy leftovers the next day.


Wraps are basically a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, and they are the perfect sized meal for those on the go. Wraps are chock full of meats, veggies and garlic sauce is served on the side. You can get everything to keep you going, and Zankou offers a vegan friendly alternative too. If you’re looking to reduce your meat intake, but you still want that protein, try their falafel balls.

Safety Precautions for the Abu Dhabi Traveler

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Article written by HotelTravellerReviews

Avoid being scammed and misled by taking every safety precaution possible.

travel-safelyAbu Dhabi has long been in the shadow of the glitzy Dubai. However, don’t let this sway you from visiting this beloved city. Its hospitality and activities are more than enough to make for a fantastic vacation for you and your family. Now, when you’re looking to plan a trip to Abu Dhabi, it’s important that you follow every safety precaution to avoid ruining your entire trip. Here are some of the best safety tips that you and your family should follow when visiting Abu Dhabi.

Validate Car Rental Companies

If you’re looking to find a car rental in Abu Dhabi, be sure that you do some proper research prior to handing over your credit card. There are numerous companies that work in a “shady” environment that promises the lowest rates and the fanciest cars. However, what they don’t tell you is that they put hidden rates within the contract and you’ll find yourself being lost in a sea of charges.

Instead, locate reputable car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE through the Internet prior to visiting the country. Contact their representatives through their website or via phone to confirm their legitimacy.

Banned Drugs and Medications

The UAE’s strict policy on all sorts of banned drugs has gotten many visitors in trouble. Be sure that you check in advance to see what you can and can’t bring into the country prior to travelling. The custom officials use highly sensitive machines that detect even the slightest microscopic substance. And, don’t even bother with the excuses, just know that the penalties will be harsh.

Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC offers a long term car rental in Dubai International Airport. Their proven track record of outstanding customer service has made them the preferred car rental company of Abu Dhabi.

Tips to Help Travelling for Business

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By Phineas Upham

Travelling for business is always a double-edged sword. It can be fun and interesting to see different parts of the country, but it can also tax your body physically and be a source for headache. If you’re fairly well travelled than some of these tips might cover things you already know. Still, anyone looking forward to a business trip might find something useful in this list of things you can do to travel more efficiently.

Make it Easy

If you pack lightly, you’ll have to do more laundry while you’re on vacation but you’ll go through a lot less stress trying to get through customs and on the plane. The pinnacle is travelling across the world with nothing but a carry on. Think you’re up for the challenge?

Look for the Suits

If you queue for security in the line that has more “suits”, or business people, things will most likely go faster for you. Most airports give you a choice of which metal detector to go through. Avoid very long waits while kids fiddle with their backpacks and gadgets.

Hotels are not the Only Options

Hotels are a good idea, and can provide a wonderful respite from being out and about, but they aren’t the only solution. Air BnB offers competitive pricing and good locations, sometimes at a fraction of the cost.

Travel Solo if You Can

Whether you’re a couple or a group, try to schedule a bit of time to go solo. It’s a rewarding experience that can lead to new friends and stellar adventures.

About the Author: Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media and Telecom group. You may contact Phin on his Phineas Upham website or LinkedIn page.

Why Cayman Should be Your Next Investment Destination

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cayman-islandsThe undeniable beauty of the Cayman Islands is one of the primary reasons why it has become a go-to destination for tourists. However, did you also know that it has one of the most robust and desirable real estate markets in the entire world? It’s true, all signs are pointing upwards as Cayman real estate is seeing new residential developments each year.

Cayman Islands Condo

Vacation condos are one of the more common choices for investors. Ranging from opulent residences to modest vacation getaways, they’re a dependable source of rental income.

They also serve as beautiful vacation homes that you and your family can enjoy year-round. During the high season, condos are in high demand. Tourists flock to the islands to experience some fun in the sun. Furthermore, a high return on investment is expected for all condo owners.

Information for investing in a condo on the Cayman Islands can be found through a local real estate agent. Before you begin your investment journey, seek out the advice of one these agents as they know the lay of the land and can pinpoint which area is right for you.

Seven Mile Beach

One of the more popular destinations for travelers is the Seven Mile Beach. This stunning stretch of fine white sand has been the calling card for anyone seeking a true taste of the Caribbean. It’s a desirable area that sees plenty of foot traffic year-round. With nearby dining and shopping, it has become one of the most coveted neighborhoods on the island. Condos on the Seven Mile beach range from smaller, quiet neighborhoods away from the beach to luxurious developments located in the heart of the action.

The International Travel Check List: Four To Dos Before Departure

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By Phineas Upham

Booking an international trip can be exhilarating, until the reality of preparation sets in. Most of us don’t have a butler to handle our preparations for us, so these tips will give you peace of mind before you depart. You don’t want to be 12 hours away from home and forget something crucial, so use this check list to make sure you don’t forget anything.


You’ll need significant time to order and have a passport shipped to you, and pay a small fee. Take care of this during the trip planning, or shortly after. If you already have your passport, check its expiration date before booking.

You should also bring copies of your passport. It may not 100% pass in all situations, but it’s better to be prepared for the worst.


If you convert money at an airport, you’ll likely pay higher rates for the privilege. Instead, contact your bank and ask if there are international processing fees involved with an ATM transaction. If there are, you can take out a few hundred every couple of days to reduce the costs. You’ll end up paying less overall, and cash is important.

Research the Area

Guidebooks are your friend, but you can find a great deal of information online as well. Look for any events that may be going on while you’re there too. Events make the trip just a bit more memorable, especially depending on what you’ve come to see.

One Final Tip

If you plan to bring a phone with you to another country, you’ll need a proper charger to use it.

Phineas Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phineas Upham website or Twitter page.

Things to consider when renting a car in the UAE

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2By Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE can range from very affordable to very expensive. If you are planning on visiting the UAE and intend on renting a car for your stay, it is best that you consider the tips below.

  1. Number of drivers – When hiring a car, you will have to specify how many drivers will be driving the car during your renting period. Keep the number of drivers to a maximum of 2. The more drivers you state the higher your car will cost.
  2. Car insurance – You could opt for the car insurance offered by the car rental company. However, the insurance offered by the rental company, will be quite high. Instead speak to your own car insurance company and ask them if they cover insurance on rentals.
  3. Do not rent a car at the airport – Most travellers think that renting a car at the airport is a easy option, for example there are many cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi airport, but they come at a premium. Instead look for car rentals online and select a car prior to your arrival.
  4. Bring your own extras – Extras like GPS and car seats can cost a lot. Instead, get a local data plan and use your phone to navigate through the city. If you are travelling with an infant, bring along their car seat.


Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC provides rental car services across the United Arab Emirates, look to them for your next car hire abu dhabi.

Tips for Finding Tahiti Excursions Travel Agents

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Are you interested in Tahiti excursions? If so, then one of the best things that you can do is to find a good travel agent.  But if you have never used a travel agent in the past, there are a few things that you can do to choose the right travel agent to use for your vacation.

Recommendations – The first thing that you can do is to get recommendations from people that you know who have used a travel agent in the past.  Find out who they have used and get their information from them. Find out what they liked about them and what they didn’t like, and what you can expect.

Research – The second thing that you can do, if you don’t know of anyone who has used a travel agent, is to do some research online to find the right travel agent for you. This can be done through reading reviews of travel agents as well, though you are not going to get as accurate information about them as you would from someone that you know.  None the less, you are going to get information that you can use to help you find the one that is going to give you a great deal.

If you are interested in Tahiti tours, one site that you might want to check out is They have lots of information on Moorea hotels and other things that you want to know about when planning a trip for yourself or your family to Tahiti.

Grand Cayman: A Renter’s Paradise

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cayman-starfishDiscover the many riches that this island has to offer.

If you are nearing retirement or are already there, you might be intrigued by the thought of a beautiful vacation home on an island that prides itself in not only its culture but its way of life. That island is Grand Cayman. With a surplus of beaches and a gorgeous view of the Caribbean Sea, there isn’t a more relaxing environment to surround you and your loved one to celebrate the “golden” years of your life.

Renting on Grand Cayman

Picture yourself stepping out onto a wooden patio. The air is littered with the sweet scent of exotic plants. After years of toiling away at work, you’ve finally rewarded yourself with what you deserve. This dream can be a reality as Grand Cayman condo rentals are fairly priced but still carry all the amenities that you would want in a rental property. It’s truly a paradise.

A Luxurious Lifestyle

Being retired, your schedule has obviously opened up tenfold which gives you the freedom to explore the island and take advantage of every opportunity that is available to you. Enjoy the laid-back style of the island and the relaxed pace that everyone desires.

Being the popular travel destination that it is, you’ll be able to experience all of the popular destinations year-round. Vacations can be limited due to time constraints and the vast amount of activities that there are around the island. By taking advantage of Cayman Islands residential rentals, you’ll be given the freedom, and the access, to all of these world-class spots any time of the day.

Summing It Up

If you’re looking for a rental property or even a place to retire, Grand Cayman is an excellent choice that provides a high standard of living, a gorgeous environment, and the greatest experience that you’ll have on an island.


REM Services offers premier Cayman Islands residential leasing services all at an affordable cost. Visit them online today.

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