Hidden Gems at Orlando’s Disney World

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It’s hard to say Orlando, Florida without thinking about Disney World. It’s equally hard to visit the city without going to the happiest place on Earth. If you’re planning a trip to Orlando’s Walt Disney World, you will be surprised to know that the happiest place on Earth has more to offer than just rides.

Beyond the theme parks and fine resorts, Disney World is home to a host of activities that most people never get to enjoy. In addition to being secret gems, these activities are also less crowded, which means you can say goodbye to those long lines. Here’s just a few of the lesser known things to do at Orlando’s Walt Disney World.

Drive a luxury car. Walt Disney World is home to the Walt Disney World Speedway, a place where you don’t have to be rich to drive some of the most exotic cars in the world. Visitors can get behind the wheel of everything from a Porsche to a Lamborghini Gallardo. How about a Ferrari 458 Italia? That’s possible, too. If you plan to enjoy the luxury driving experience, you can either sit in the passenger seat for a few circles around the track or pay for a lesson with a professional instructor. Lessons will get you in the driver’s seat as well as six laps around the track. And just in case your friends don’t believe you, you can get proof of your experience with a video or a photograph of you in the car.

If driving a luxury vehicle isn’t appealing, how about enjoying a Segway tour of the Epcot Center? Walt Disney World offers the Around the World at Epcot tour, a fun Segway experience that takes you through 11 countries of the world.

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Car Rentals in the Caymen Islands

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An island vacation is something everyone dreams of from time to time. There are lots of beautiful islands around the world that welcome millions of visitors each year. They all come to escape their troubles and reality while soaking up the sand, the sun and the tropical atmosphere. However, in order to experience everything, most travelers will have to rent a car to get around. Island car rentals are not hard to find. For instance, for those traveling to the Caymen Islands, Grand Caymen car rentals are easily accessible. There are many Grand Caymen car rental agencies that provide a large selection of cars to suit any need or budget.

Renting a car while vacationing in the Caymen Islands is a wonderful way to experience everything the islands have to offer. It is a great way to find those ‘off the beaten path’ places that traditional tour groups and guides won’t disclose. However, anyone who is considering renting a car while on vacation should familiarize themselves with local driving regulations and the proper documentation required in order to secure a rental as to avoid any unforeseen circumstances that could interfere with their, otherwise, wonderful vacation.

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