How to Travel with the Utmost Style

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The time to treat yourself has finally come. You’ve earned it. Every day you take care of matter of home, work, family, and friends. If you aren’t making sure your home is spotless, you are ensuring that everything at the office is going smoothly. The kids always get to school with their packed lunches and completed homework. The list of the things you need to accomplish in a week could go on forever. So, don’t wait for the list to end on its own. Put your obligations on hiatus and go someplace luxurious.

If you’ve spent your whole life settling on the easiest, cheapest route, now is the time to decide that you are going to be a star. If you travel with style and class, perhaps you can even make your self believe that you are a fabulous celebrity.

Below is a list of tips that can help you travel like a star.

1. Buy the best luggage
There’s nothing like holding your wardrobe in a Louis Vuitton traveling bag. Walking down the tarmac with designer luggage is sure to make you feel like a superstar like nothing else can. Just add a pair of designer sun glasses and all the people around you will be wondering how you got to be so fantastic.

2. Its all about the accessories
It’s strange how something so small can make you feel so good. Wearing an elegant watch and the finest clothing can create a sense of confidence. Other accessories that will be perfect for a long plane ride are noise canceling headphones (for when you want some rest), a nice cashmere blanket, eye masks, slippers, and an enjoyable book to whisk you away.

3. The entertainment options
On a commercial airplane, your choices for entertainment won’t be great. Between the terrible in flight movie and the loud snoring of your seat mate, the offered entertainment is probably not going to be satisfying. However, if you bring on a travel sized DVD player or an mp3 player you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained for the entire flight.

4. Look into private jet charters
No matter what kind of trip you are having, nothing will ever be as stylish as traveling via a business jet charter. You’ll be able to use the space however you desire. If you want to talk and laugh with your group of travel companions, there will be nobody to tell you to be quite. If you just want to lounge around while drinking a martini, nobody will object. Nothing will beat the comfort of traveling with one of the private jet charters.

In the end, does it really matter where you travel if you have a great time doing it?

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