Planning Your Rental Vehicle for Business Trips Overseas

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For a cost-efficient trip, be sure to track your purchases and search for long term stay discounts.

business-tripTraveling to Abu Dhabi, you’ll find that many business professionals stop here. For those individuals, long term stays are quite normal. Now, if you are planning on doing business in this exquisite country, you may want to find a long term car rental in Abu Dhabi. This will not only provide you with a means of transportation during your tenure here, but you’ll also be able to make the most out your stay.

Bargain Hunt

It isn’t difficult to find bargains and discounts if you’re staying in the country for a long period of time. Most resorts and car rental companies want you to spend more money by staying in the country longer. Use this to your advantage and inquire about long term discounts. While it may seem like haggling, you’re ideally obtaining a vehicle without breaking the bank. Car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE are relatively flexible when it comes to long term stays, so be sure to negotiate appropriately.


When you are working with a different currency, you may not be able to track all of your purchases. If it’s business, and you’re looking to write certain things off, be sure that you log all of your purchases so that you can begin the reimbursement process once you return back to your headquarters. Note that many employers will look at your car rental as a work expense and you may be compensated for it. Be sure to track all your expenses so you don’t have to break the bank.

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Looking for Something New for Dinner Tonight? Try Zankou Chicken

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zankou-chicken-restuaraunt-exteriorWhen you visit any of the Los Angeles Zankou locations, you’ll be immediately greeted by delicious smelling food. The menu is in vibrant color and you’re next up. What do you do? If you’re struggling to decide on whether the plate or wrap is right for you, then read for a brief description of each item so you can figure out how much food you’ll need to sate the hunger.


Zankou Chicken’s plates are one of the best values to be found in all of fast casual food. You get a plate of delicious food, including a salad, hummus, pita and meat, for around $10. It’s definitely enough to last two meals, so it’s a great way to treat yourself on lunch break at work. The plate is nice because of the salad, which comes with turnips and pepperoncini peppers too. Rice is your other side dish, which is an excellent alternative to the usual side dish fare you find at Mc Donald’s and the like.

As you might expect, plates aren’t for the faint of appetite. You get a lot of food, and you get to sample a lot of the signature dishes that Zankou is known for, but it might be overwhelming for one person with a tiny appetite. In that situation, you should eat the salad mostly so your plate won’t be soggy leftovers the next day.


Wraps are basically a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, and they are the perfect sized meal for those on the go. Wraps are chock full of meats, veggies and garlic sauce is served on the side. You can get everything to keep you going, and Zankou offers a vegan friendly alternative too. If you’re looking to reduce your meat intake, but you still want that protein, try their falafel balls.