Bahamas Vacation Rentals are Just a Click Away!

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A long expanse of white sand, running as far as the eye can see into crystal clear blue waters.  Palm trees dancing lazily in the gentle breeze.  Who doesn’t dream of a week in the Bahamas vacation rentals?  If you are guilty of buying those “beachy” calendars at the grocery store, and gazing longingly at the scenic images before you, then you might be in need of a beach vacation, and the Bahamas is the perfect place to go!

 To give some geographic and historic background, the Bahamas are actually a collection of 29 small islands, 2,387 rocks, and 661 cays, located in the Atlantic Ocean.   The Bahamas vacation rental were actually the site of Columbus’ first landfall in the “new world,” and were previously inhabited by a native people called the Lucayans, whom the Spaniards shipped off to slavery around 1513.  The climate of the Bahamas is subtropical/tropical, and the only inclement weather the islands see is the occasional tropical storm or hurricane during the fall hurricane season.

 Freeport, a city on the Grand Bahama island, was established as a free trade zone by the government in 1955.  The nickname of Freeport Bahamas hotels is “The Industrial City,” and since its establishment as a 50,000 acre tract of land covering mostly swamp and scrub land, the city has grown to be the second most populous city in the Bahamas.  The city of Freeport now consists of over 138,000 acres, increased by government land grants.