Boat mattress replacement 101

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The marine environment is one of the most humid out there and certainly not the most appropriate one for foam products. Despite the fact that you boat is made to last and can remain in great condition even after decades, the boat mattress, would unfortunately be subject to decline. The damage might either come from humidity, sea water or just wear and tear. Foam might also be attacked by mold and mildew from exposure to water, humidity and heat.

Damaged and saggy mattresses are quite uncomfortable to sleep on, especially when one has to spend several days at sea. With time this might take its toll on the body and lead to chronic pains. A solution to overcome this would be go about with a mattress replacement project. This can be done as a DIY project by purchasing all the required materials from specialized shops.

When it comes to the marine foam cushions, these can be bought from a foam factory. Most companies now allow customers with the possibility of having the foam custom cut for suit their individual project needs. For the marine environment, one of the most important factors to look out for the foam would be its fast-drying ability. Generally, open-celled foam tend to retain less humidity and catch less mold and mildew. These types of foam are also anti-microbial.

The Foam Factory specializes in various foam products suited for the marine environment. One of their product offering include a special fast-drying foam convenient as boat mattress replacement.