Tips for Saving Money on an Ireland Vacation Package

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When you are looking for an Ireland vacation package, chances are that you are looking to save some money on your trip.  Here are some ways that you can save money when going to Ireland.

Shop for Bargains – Online and in the tourist offices you’ll find a lot of offers to get cheaper tickets and other reductions. Look around to find what you can do so that you are able to spend less money.

Don’t dine out – It’s really easy to pay out € 30 or even more in the restaurants in Ireland. If you are traveling with limited money, don’t eat dinners out.  The majority of the restaurants have great cheap lunchtime menus. There are others who have during the later part of the afternoon. You can also think about carveries in the pubs or family restaurants.  There are often takeout menus for lots of shops who serve fish and chips.  There are also Indian and Chinese restaurants.

Use credit card – If you are able to use a credit card for the bigger purchases and ask to get billed using Euros. This is normally going to secure a lot more favorable exchange rate as opposed to changing money.  Keep in mind that the some of the small businesses might apply some kind of surcharge for using a credit card.

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