How to Make the Most out of Abu Dhabi

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By Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

There are few places in the world that even remotely compare to Abu Dhabi. You can travel all over this planet and still not experience the sights, sounds and experiences that you’ll find in this corner of the earth. If you’re planning a trip here, be prepared to lose your breath over and over again. However, you’ll also want to make sure you’re ready for everything Abu Dhabi has to offer.

montecar1There’s Yas Island, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Saadiyat Island and Emirates Palace, amongst many other places. The problem is that these locations are spread out all over. If you want to take them all in, you’re going to need to spend a small fortune on transportation and you’ll only get there on someone else’s timetable.

Instead, what you should be looking for is a car to rent. Short term car rental in Abu Dhabi is extremely popular. You can get car rental at Abu Dhabi international airport in Abu Dhabi as well, so the moment you get off the plane, you can get your vehicle and go.

Abu Dhabi has too much to see to not take this trip as seriously as possible with a rental car.


If you are traveling to Abu Dhabi, make sure you come prepared. To enjoy this part of the world, you’re going to want to invest in long term car rental in Abu Dhabi so that you are never without a ride to wherever it is you want to be.