Why Choose Ireland Vacations?

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Irelandis a famous island that is located to the north westof Europe. It is considered the third biggest island in all of Europeas well as the 20th biggest island on our earth. Ireland’s population is about 6.4 million residents. The Irish culture makes this a popular part of Ireland vacations. Literature is a big part of the Irish culture as is Irish music and the language of the Irish. Sports are another popular part of Irish culture. The most popular sports inIreland include horseracing, soccer, golf and rugby.

             Ireland tours include stopping at several places of interest. Some of the most popular destinations to visit inIreland includeBlarneyCastle, Holy Cross Abbey and the Rock of Cashel.  The most visited part ofIreland isDublin. Some popular attractions andDublin include Guinness Storehouse,DinglePeninsula andAshfordCastle. Besides these popular tourist destinations,Dublin is home toIreland’s biggest island as well as one of the highest cliffs above the sea in the entire world. InIreland, there are three World Heritage areas that include the Giant Causeway, the Bru na Boinne and Skellig Michael.

             One reason that many people choose to visit Ireland is because of Ireland’s cuisine. Besides the cuisine, Ireland is popular for their alcoholic beverages. Irish whiskey is the most popular drink on the island. Irish whiskey differs from Scotch and that it is not as Smokey but on the opposite side of the spectrum, Irish whiskey is not as sweet as Canadian whiskey. The best-known Irish cocktail is Irish coffee which is made with coffee and whiskey. Traditional dishes of Ireland include soda bread, black pudding which is a common breakfast item in Ireland and Irish stew.