Rent a Car for a Hassle Free Cayman Islands Experience

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The Grand Caymans, the biggest of the three Cayman Islands is a haven for investors, travellers, and vacationers alike. Long been a hub for offshore financial functions, the Grand Caymans is also a hotspot for nature-lovers and beach-goes everywhere. Nestled in the heart of the Western Caribbean, the Grand Cayman is a bustling paradise for the rich and famous and is the perfect getaway for those looking for that exclusive holiday.

Bask in the exclusivity granted to you by this isolated island paradise by getting yourself your own private vehicle. Nothing beats the sheer convenience and exclusivity of having your own luxury car through a car rental Cayman Islands. Breeze through town and all the local hotspots without the wait and the hassles of taking a taxi or hotel shuttle service. Bypass the waits and the reservations needed by getting your own car through car rental Grand Cayman. Enjoy living in the lap of luxury the next time you find yourself on this beautiful island with your own car. Be the master of your own time, and be free to explore everything that the Grand Caymans has to offer by taking your own car through a car hire Grand Cayman.

Remember, no other luxury will top the luxury of time. Control your time, and make the most of your next Grand Cayman getaway through the pleasures of driving one of the most beautiful island enclaves in the world in your very own luxury car rental.

This article was submitted by Andys Rent-A-Car; a leader in luxury car rentals, and the trusted name in car rental Grand Cayman.

Two Great Beaches in Brazil

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Article by Phin Upham.

I went to Brazil recently, visited Rio, Sao Paulo, Brazilia – and finally Floripa!  There is more to Brazil than its sunny shores — one reason why each year millions of people flock there — and beach talent.  Brazil is home to some of the most pristine beaches on the globe, from the popular tourist beach Ipanema to the more secluded gem Prainha Beach. Both amazing!

Ipanema, Zona Sul

Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it bad.  If you’re planning to visit Rio de Janeiro, chances are you will end up on the crowded but worth-visiting stretch of sand beach Ipanema. Located in a chic neighborhood, Ipanema is one of the many Zona Sul beaches swarming with beautiful locals and tourists alike. Surprisingly, I like this beach because it’s crowded – a great spot to watch the infamous action and excitement of Brazilian beach culture. In addition to sunbathing and people-watching, this two kilometer-stretch of white sand offers plenty of other things to do, like volleyball games, soccer games, wakeboarding, and surfing. Forgot your towel or need something cold to drink? The beach has various vendors, making it easy for you to purchase everything from coconuts to ice cold beer.  I recommend the beer.

Prainha Beach

Even something like going to the beach can be draining, which is why it’s nice to spend a day or two at one of the country’s lesser-known beaches like Prainha. During the weekday, Prainha is a quiet isolated place. A small, half-moon beach, it is surrounded by mountains covered in green rainforest trees. 

While it’s known as a popular surf spot, Prainha’s strong under-current is brutal. Bar & Restaurant Mirante de Prainha, the restaurant overlooking the ocean, is great. To reach Prainha, you will need to rent a car or catch on a ride on the surf bus because public transportation won’t take you there.


This article was written and submitted by Phin Upham. Phin Upham runs a the site Phin Upham Photography. He could be reached at: Phin Upham Twitter or Phine Upham Facebook.


Souk Central

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By Phin Upham One of my favorite travel spots in the world is Marrakesh in the West African country of Morocco. There’s a lot to do and see in Marrakesh such as riding a camel through the desert or visiting the many famous mosques. However, in the “Red City” you must check out all the souks. A souk is an outdoor shopping center, somewhat like an overly cramped swap meet with extra tiny stalls. Souks truly capture the essence of Moroccan culture. Marrakesh is world famous for its souks. A few good ones: 1) Souk Semmarine: My personal favorite is Souk Semmarine which is the largest and most interesting souk by far. Souk Semmarine is full of brightly colored bejeweled sandals, slippers, and gorgeous jewelry. They also sell leather pouffes for sitting. 2) Souk Ableuh: This souk is great for tasting all the delicious ingredients of Moroccan cuisine. Ableuh is lined with stalls selling lemons, chilies, capers, pickles and olives. They have olives of every kind: green, red, and black. Another popular ingredient that you can buy at this market is mint which is typically used in many popular Moroccan dishes and teas.

3) Souk Kchacha: Souk Kchacha sells all types of wonderful treats. The stalls here specialize in dried fruits and nuts. Some of the standouts are the dates, figs, walnuts, cashews and apricots. 4) Rahba Qedima: This souk is popular for buying handmade goods and animal skins. The place is well known for alligator and iguana skins. They also carry some of the most stunning hand-woven baskets. Rahba Qedima is the right place to go for natural perfumes, knitted hats, scarves, and tee shirts. They also sell ginseng and Ramadan tea.

Phin Upham Phin Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or Facebook page.