Beat the Bluster: Updating Your B&B in the Age of Airbnb

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With the rise of Airbnb, many B&B owners may be looking for ways to rejuvenate their business. There is a big difference between loaning out your home and specially constructing a relaxing and interesting experience for anticipated guests. So, take pride in your business and consider these bedroom and property improvements to put yourself ahead of the casual competition.

Find Luxury in Moderation and Variety

Add value-increasing features where they will have the greatest impact on your guest’s experience. By the nature of a B&B, guests mostly interact with the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, so focus your efforts on these places. Guests appreciate the luxury of a foam mattress topper. However, resist the temptation to focus on softness; aim for a middle ground that will leave everyone well-rested. To improve the breakfasting experience, take some cooking classes and build your repertoire. Providing a variety of breakfast options can be an attractive feature for potential guests with food sensitivities or religious dining preferences.

Get the Most for Your Money

Make sure you keep your focus when developing your improvement plan. Fixing unsatisfyingly low water pressure may be a better investment than a claw-foot tub or decorative soaps. Keep an eye on how hard or soft your water is and calibrate appropriately so guests do not feel gritty or slimy after cleaning up. If it’s not possible to deodorize a stained or damaged bed, don’t shy away from the idea of getting a complete mattress replacement. To prevent future damage, invest in a mattress topper as well that can be replaced more easily in the future.

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