For Reliable Transportation Around Cayman, Rent a Car

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Marshalls-rent-a-car-homebanner011405315132If you’re looking at a trip through the Caribbean, there are a lot of reasons to go with car rentals in Cayman. For starters, renting a car gives you a more enjoyable trip than relying on public transportation. The rental car company should make sure everything is in working order before you take one of their vehicles, so you won’t have to worry nearly as much about unexpected breakdowns. You won’t have to stick to pre-selected routes, either, which gives you more freedom to explore and go out of your way without being too inconvenienced.


Maybe more importantly, car hire on Grand Cayman and similar places allow you a lot more flexibility with your schedule. Instead of planning your trips based on the shuttles and bus times, you can come and go as you please. You’ll be able to change your itinerary without having to concern yourself over transportation rates and changeovers. And if you’re careful and you pick a small car, you can even be able to keep gas costs down low enough to stay below the rates of cab fares. The consistency provided by a rental car means you don’t have to haggle over fare prices, tips, or have your trip experience soured by an unruly driver.

The flexibility of a rental car extends beyond itinerary options. If you plan on bringing a lot of luggage or special equipment for diving, snorkeling, photography, biking, or golfing, then reserving the right rental car can make sure that you always have the right amount of space, and you’ll be able to safely secure and stow all your belongings while keeping them easy to unload.

GPS and Navigation

Your Grand Caymans car rentals provider can also provide you with a GPS device, which will eliminate the potential for getting lost or ending up somewhere you don’t want to be. There are plenty of other options that prove a rental car is the superior choice. For example, you can opt for a vehicle with XM radio to make sure you can keep up with your favorite stations, get a small vehicle for a couple on a honeymoon, or a van that can carry a large family so you don’t ever have to split up. If you have small children, you can easily include a car seat in your package. Your child will stay safe, and you won’t have to worry about carrying a car seat on an airplane.


Andy’s Rent-A-Car is the Cayman Islands premier rental car service, specializing in providing guests with a smooth ride to go anywhere on the island chain.


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