Upgrade your RV with New Bedding

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Your RV might be made to last but unfortunately cushions and foam elements might be quickly damaged with weather elements such as the rain, mold and mildew. Some other forms of deterioration in cushions and beddings might be due to moth infestation or just plain wear and tear. If you wish to keep on using your camper for more years to come, you might consider replacing your camper cushions and beddings. This can also be achieved by a foam replacement. If you are used to DIY projects, you could perform the project yourself or you might have it changed by a professional auto-body shop.

The DIY method could be a cost-effective and gratifying solution. You would first need to select the right type of foam suited for your RV. Generally, durable and good quality foams would enable you to enjoy your RV longer. Several foam companies offer the possibility of having custom cushion sizes to fit your project’s dimension. You might want to enquire with foam companies’ staff to gain information on this.

Since the year 1980, Carlo Badalamenti has worked in the foam industry. His experience has enabled him to gain insights on how to choose the right foam for different applications. For RV beddings, the most adequate foam would have to be dense, soft and firm as well as being fast-drying in order not to absorb moisture and to deter the proliferation of bacteria.

The Foam Factory specializes in providing foam products for different types of foam replacement projects, including RV bedding solutions.


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