Top Turnoffs in Women on a Date

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Written by New York Socials

Dating can be challenging, which is why it’s important to brush up on the dos and don’ts of dating. Whether it is your first, third, or tenth date, there are things you can do to either turn on or off your date. This post focuses on the don’ts. Here are the top three turnoffs in women on a date.

Sloppy Attire

One of the biggest turnoffs in women on a date is sloppy attire, or a careless look. While it might seem surprising, women are not the only ones who care about proper attire. Men do, too. The way you dress on a date reveals a lot about your character. It shows that you care about the evening, the person, and about yourself. Dress appropriately to every date. Don’t wear a t-shirt and jeans, even if you’re going to a casual restaurant. If you need guidance on what to wear on a date, contact New York Socials, one of the leading matchmaking and image consulting services in NYC.

Poor Manners

When it comes to manners, men are usually the ones being scrutinized. However, another big turn off in women on a date is poor manners. Some examples of bad manners on a date include talking with your mouth full, fixing your makeup at the table, and being rude to the servers.

Bringing Up Previous Boyfriends

It’s never okay to bring up your ex, but it’s especially wrong when you’re on a date. Men find that a big turn off. It’s also a crush to their ego, something you don’t want to do if you’re genuinely interested in him. To learn more about the dos and don’ts of dating, take advantage of the personal matchmaking services through New York Socials.

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