The Perfect Patio Cushion Material

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Patio CushionWritten by: The Foam Factory

Outdoor furniture often becomes water damaged when improper cushioning material is used. With the right cushion for your outdoor furniture or boat furniture you can save time and money by using this ideal cushioning material made out of foam. This foam is designed to stand up to water. The most important part is that it dries quickly.

If your outdoor patio furniture has signs of water damage, consider a foam replacement. You might just have the wrong kind of foam on your furniture. Foam that is specifically designed for outdoor use is the ideal choice.

There are other uses of outdoor foam besides the patio. Boats that use covered outdoor foam for their seats show far less signs of water damage over time. Boat mattress replacement for seating areas should be considered when a boat shows even the slightest bit of water damage.

A patio cushion using outdoor foam can be cut to any width or thickness and comes in a variety of compositions to suit individual climate zone needs. The main reason why these outdoor foam pads are so effective at preventing water damage is their highly efficient means of drainage and evaporation. These foam pads just dry quickly.

When your boat or your patio cushion material starts to grow mold, it is time for a foam replacement. Knowing about the outstanding drainage and evaporation qualities of this particular type of foam material can save you costly replacements of outdoor foam pads.


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