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Tourists interested in water sports and whale watching can take the kayak with orcas expeditions that will see them have a candid and up close view of the gigantic toothed whales. Tourists on such an expedition must be under a guide at all times and the whale watching activity must be conducted from a safe distance. The tour guides ensure that the kayak with orcas experience is not just memorable but also safe. Those on the kayak with orcas experience get to combine two activities in one; i.e. kayaking plus whale watching. Lovers of photography can get up close snapshot of the whale as it swims in the blue seawater.

Another location enthusiasts need to consider visiting is the San Juan Island for an experience of a lifetime. San Juan Island Kayaking is ideal because it has the best routes for Kayak orca watching in the United States. This kayaking tour also allows the kayakers to kayak the lighthouses found on the wilder sides of San Juan Islands and the amazing sea cliffs. The tours can be customized according to the desires of the kayakers. Kayaks can be taken at any time of the day with the early mornings being ideal for seeing eagles, seals, and other wildlife in action. The late evening kayaking allows kayakers the privilege of experiencing tranquil sunset.


This article was submitted by Crystal Seas. Crystal Seas is a leading tour operator in the San Juan Island region. Kayak Vacations is among the tours organized by the tour operator.


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