Travel to Kuala Lumpur Secret Garden for a Peaceful Meditation Experience

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Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch.

Kuala Lumpur is such a luxurious city with its high-rise buildings, towers, slick metros, restaurants, and shopping malls with their neon, lighting evenings as the sun lights days is a sensational experience. This is an energetic city living up to being one of the world’s strongest energy vortexes. With millions of people bustling together enjoying the sites, the food, and the shops it is an exciting and demanding city.

Having an abundance of energy this city with all the modern technology, towers and buildings has a backdrop of deep, rich tradition in the temples with roaming monkeys, the Batu Caves, and the Secret Garden retreat for meditation. Meet and make new friends whilst finding ways to relax in this tranquil space. The peace that welcomes you is at first overwhelming coming from the busy life beyond the Secret Garden and slowly it envelopes and a sense of relief is embraced.

The Secret Garden Retreat is a sanctuary tucked away from the busy lifestyles of the residents of Kuala Lumpur. Meditation is a way to relax and contemplate where you are going in your life. People come here to learn new techniques from one of the nine different types of meditation styles. Visualization is a powerful method of creating and manifesting abundance in your life and what better place than Kuala Lumpur.

The food is delicious, the hammocks are comfortable and there is an opportunity to return to your inner authentic self. Give yourself the gift of discovery and relaxation to return to your world and life refreshed and rejuvenated. Spending time with people that are there for the same reasons of self-discovery and to rejoice in happiness is a wonderful treat.

Golden Touch is an amazing organization that holds annual meetings that help its members learn how we can all choose to be happy each day. This organization was founded by Dr. Zhang Xinyue, who is a teacher, mentor, spiritual leader, and author. She has authored books that teach others how to control and direct their energy flow. Each year, Golden Touch holds conferences in large cities around the world. Members can come and enjoy the teachings while relaxing in a beautiful locale. These can be great networking opportunities.

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Learn about how to create abundance in Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Canada

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Article by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch.

The organization known as Golden Touch was first formed by Zhang Xinyue in China. As an author, she has written a great deal about creating abundance in your life. She is constantly on the move searching for new places where the energy vortexes are strong.

Zhang Xinyue is also a teacher, mentor and spiritualist. She leads her members on a journey at beautiful getaways each year. One of her favorites is Salt Spring Island, Vancouver. This area is located in the Gulf Islands in the Salish Sea.

Salt Spring Island is a mysterious place in Vancouver Bay on the Western Coast of Canada. It possesses an incredible Jade Energy Layer in the underground and is one of the greatest energy centers on earth. The ecology, wildlife, the sea and even the underground caves are home to multiple powerful energy layers.

Visitors to Salt Spring Island can link to the energy and receive healing. They can find new concepts that will bring enlightenment. Many visitors have experienced changes in their bodies and minds.

Strolling along any roadside, visitors will find gorgeous flowers and fresh vegetables growing. The whole area is alive with beauty and harmony. Fresh oysters can be found on the beaches. Crab fishing is fun and will reap a bountiful harvest of fresh crab. This island has been recognized as a place where the chakra lines are deep and long. It’s a paradise that Golden Touch members will enjoy.

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch. Golden Touch is an organization that was created by Zhang Xinyue of China. Each year, the members attend meetings in spectacular locations where they are involved in Elite training activities. Zhang Xinyue offers the teachings to help members learn how to become part of an infinite Cosmos.

Annual meetings for Golden Touch are held in Canada, Malaysia, Italy, America and other beautiful locations. Members can learn how to experience authentic joy and how to create abundance in their lives.