What Else to Do Near the Grand Canyon

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This article was written by Phin Upham.

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s largest gorges, but there is more to the experience than just the views. There are historic stories to discover, and artifacts from the natives to see. If you’re taking a trip to the Grand Canyon, try exploring these lesser known sights for a different experience.


There are several nature cabins around the area that put you in the middle of the wilderness. Book a room close to the historic district for an educational Grand Canyon adventure. There are plenty of historic structures for visitors to explore, and a railway station that takes tourists through town.

Ride the Rim

A mule or a bicycle can be your transport through and around the canyon. The rim stretches for 277 miles, but riding many of the trails along the rim will give you a great view of the canyon and surrounding mountains. Beware that the bike ride is arduous, but the burro ride is a bit more relaxing.


The historic village is one place to shop for Grand Canyon souvenirs, but there are easy transports in and out of surrounding cities. Try the El Tovar restaurant for a midday meal, and then walk the Bright Angel Trail to wind down after a day of commerce.


There are plenty of hikes through the canyon that offer some unique views of the region. The Tusayan ruins will paint a picture of early life for native Americans near the canyon, but some of the best hiking can be found in the Eastern side of the canyon. Try looking west from Grandview point and you’ll see the “Duck in the Rocks.”

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