French Attractions Outside of Paris

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If you’re planning to visit France in the near future, there’s a good chance you have your sights set on seeing Paris. This is for good reason, of course. The City of Light enjoys a legendary status across the globe and it’s certainly earned it. But there is more to do in France than simply explore Paris. Take the following 3 options, for example.

A French Riviera vacation is not one you’ll be forgetting anytime soon. The Mediterranean alone is worth the trip, just to see it. However, depending on when you plan on visiting, you might find time to take a swim or even a boat tour. Of course, the French Riviera is also legendary for its amazing Mediterranean food as well.

Burgundy vacations are another exciting option few people give enough consideration. There you will find no shortage of historical sites, fit for even the most rabid of shutter bugs. Of course, Burgundy is also known the world over for its amazing cuisine. Any region with a wine named after it means you should be ready to enjoy a few bottles as well.

Consider taking a trip to Marseille as well. Marseille is actually the second largest city in France, though it looks more like a picturesque village you’d see painted in a portrait. Here too, you will find unsurpassed beauty like only France can offer.

While there’s nothing wrong with making plenty of time to see Paris, keep in mind that France has so much more to offer. Take the above 3 destinations for example.


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