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There are several great ways to explore the UAE. The place is so vast that it might even take months to see every corner of the region. However, embarking into an exploration project certainly promises some great adventures.

On Land

The UAE might be known for its busy towns and city life. However, some places allow visitors to just camp under the starlight away from the noise and animation of the city. The desert is perfect for this. For instance the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is an excellent camping site. When exploring the UAE by land, there are some necessities that travelers would need to bring along. Camping staples such as food and water, first-aid kits and maps and GPS systems are essential.

On Water

The UAE offer several possibilities to explore the region via the water route. For instance, dhow excursions are quite popular. The dhow is a traditional Arab sailing vessel that was invented centuries ago. These are ancestors to our modern ships. Several hotels in the UAE have partnerships with dhow operators and offer their customers a trip as part of their package.

In The Air

If you have a flying license, the Fujairah Aviation Centre offers the possibility to carry out a trial-flight session. Alternatively, tourists often opt for helicopter rides over Dubai. The view is absolutely amazing. For those who are not weak at heart, skydiving is another way to explore the UAE by air.

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