Destination: Frozen Yogurt Party!

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Spring will be upon us before you know it, and there is no better way to celebrate the season than with some delicious gelato to cool you off as the temperatures rise. You’ll need to start by cataloguing what frozen yogurt supplies you need, how you will keep everything cool throughout the day, and then scouting a location. Here are some tips to get started.


No kids party is complete without some themed decorations. Start at your local party stores, or browse online looking for table cloths and cups for your child’s favorite heroes and characters. Next, order colored plastic spoons that match the theme you’ve built. Don’t forget the details either! Pan liners for the gelato or frozen yogurt will keep everything tidy, and you’ll need separate containers for the toppings (preferably with covers to keep away the creepy crawlies).

Aside from plastic yogurt spoons, you’ll want some paper cups that are easy to recycle. Biodegradable cups are only a slight bump in price, and the cost is worth it to teach kids about recycling. If you want to avoid leftovers, opt for lids to make a to-go container.


The number one priority you have in preparation for a frozen yogurt party is keeping the yogurt cool enough to serve. Yogurt can melt very quickly if the temperature gets too hot, so it’s best to choose  a mild day to host your gathering. You will most likely need several ice chests, and it may be a good idea to do any fresh fruit cutting on-site so you can keep everything delicious without getting soggy.

The next priority is coverage. The outdoors are full of bugs and they get everywhere there is food if you let them. Your local sporting goods store or even supermarket will carry small netted tents you can use over fresh items. Pan liners tend to come with plastic covers, or you can just use the containers themselves. Pan liners tend to look professional, and they last too. If you like the experience, you can use them in a part time catering business.

Location Scouting

Many municipal parks have picnic sites, but those sites tend to be first-come-first-serve. If you can, have someone appear early in the day to do some set up work and stake out a good site. Another idea is to travel to a more secluded park, but that may require a short drive to get there. Coordinate with parents to see who is willing to drive, and arrange for a carpool to make things easier.

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