A Basic Guide on Creating Custom Chair Cushions

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Chair CushionsIf you want a decorative and artsy project, try upholstering your cushions with new fabrics. Anybody with basic sewing skills could perform this project. It’s easy, fun, and opens up a new set of decorative possibilities for your home.

First, take out the cushion filling and place it on the side. Make sure that you keep an eye on how the old cushion cover was sewed, so you can imitate the same style for an optimal it.

Next, you’re going to measure the seam allowances, which is basically the distance from the seam line to the edge of the fabric piece. Remember this measurement as it’s going to be important when you sew your new fabric pieces together again. Lay it out flat on the surface and measure the length and the width of the cover.

Take your new fabric and trace it over the old cushion cover that you were using. This will give you a rough idea of the exact size that you need. Cut your fabric pieces.

Seam each fabric piece together according to size. Be sure that there is enough space for you to sew a zipper on your cover (if needed). Check your newly sewn cover again to make sure that it is a near replica of your old cover’s size. Stuff the filling back inside, and you’ve just created some brand new cushions.

Place your brand new custom foam cushions back on your chair, and test it out to make sure that it’s just the exact type of comfort that you were looking for.

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