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A great honeymoon can surely set the tone right of your new marriage. Traditionally the honeymoon takes place right after the marriage so your choices are limited due to the weather of the area you will be visiting. Thus, it becomes a difficult decision when choosing where to go for the honeymoon. You have to pick a destination where you two can have the most fun and make the most out of your time. Tuscany vacations have become a popular choice among new couples, providing great views and scenes and some delicious eats. In addition, Tuscany provides a great venue for your romantic getaway.

Sightseeing done right

When in Italy, there are a lot of things to see and do. Italy has ben established as a city since before the advent of Christ and a lot of architectural wonders have been set up through the course of time. A lot of those buildings still stand today and make for some great Italy sightseeing.

All you can eat

Italy is also praised for its delicious cuisine both in and out of Italy. Now you might think your local Italian restaurant prepares your favorite Italian dish the best, but wait until you step into the source of all that succulent food. Italy is home to thousands of great restaurants preparing all kinds of local cuisine that will surely tickle your fancy. Aside from Italian food, the country also houses many restaurants that serve cuisine from other countries and even fusions.

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