Hacks for the London Underground

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Posted By Samuel Phineas Upham

If you’re in London for any prolonged time, you’ll want to make sure you get cozy with the railways. They are the most efficient method of getting around the city, but there are some hacks to get around even faster. Grab an Oyster railway card and set out on an adventure!

Know Your Exits

Grab an application called “London Underground Free” before you set out. The reason is to help you navigate the underground faster, and go where you actually want to go. Anyone who has experienced the disorientation of the New York subway system can understand the value in knowing where to go to come out on the side of the street you actually want to visit.

Using Escalators

If you’re not walking, stay to the right. Daily commuters have places to be and you’re lollygagging in their lane. IF you don’t want an angry Brit behind you, step to the right and let them pass.

Bring Water

The subway tubes can heat up during the summer months, and if you’re stuck down there without water you will regret it. London’s underground service is quite reliable, but a quick swig of water will keep your refreshed.

Where to Sit

To build off of knowing your exits, position yourself in places where people are less likely to get on or off the train. If you know exits are toward the front of the train, you’ll find more space and quiet in the rear.

“Mind the Gap”

You will see “Mind the Gap” or small diamond shapes on the platform. This is where the doors of the train will usually line up. If you want to get on quickly, be near those spots.

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