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It won’t take long to appreciate how wonderful Paris is. It’s a gem of Europe. It must be one of the most travels, filmed, painted and dreamt of capital city in Europe. Cafe terraces can be found around every corner and Red Wine flows freely in this bohemian capital. The city center is full of house hold name monuments and many attractions are easily walkable. Unlike many other European capitals, locals prefer to speak in French rather than practice their English. It is also wise to work on perfecting your accent as speaking with an English accent only seems to irritate rather than have them appreciate.

Flights to Paris

Paris has 3 major airports, all of which have quick and easy links to the city center. Almost every major airline in the world flys to Paris as it is a major world hub.

Ferry to France

You can take a ferry from Dover to Calais. The boats are like floating malls and have really nice restaurants. There are also duty free shops on board.
From Calais you can drive to Paris, or catch a cheaper Eurostar train.

Paris Hotels

There are over 430 hotels in Paris. Many of which can be just around the corner from major attractions yet quite affordable and cheap.

Paris Car Hire

It’s possible to hire a car in the uk and drive to Paris via the Eurotunnel or via ferry from dover to calis. There is a €19 fee for driving on French roads.

Travel Insurance

Getting sick abroad is a risk associated with travel. Though you can also go to the hospital here, you might have to pay for treatment in other countries. If you have insurance, they can pay for you if you get sick. Potentially you wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket either.

Shopping in Paris

France is hope to some of the world’s most famous luxury brands. Fashion, chic lifestyles and cat walks all call Paris home. Paris boosts an amazing number of exquisite shops and designers. But there are also several markets as well which host a huge, rich variety of cheap and chic goods.

Eating out in Paris

French cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. Paris is a food capital of europe with just about every kind of restaurant under the sun located in this walkable capital. There are 5 different types of menu you’ll come across in most Paris restaurants: La carte (the normal menu, just more expensive), Menu prix-fixe (fixed-price meal), Menu dégustation (surprise meal), Menu touristique (tourist menu, usually unexceptional food) and Table d’hôte (traditional food, usually inexpensive).

Paris Night Clubs

Paris is packed with Night life venues. Cabarets, Gentlemen’s clubs, Discos, House/Techno and other Trendy clubs are easily found in this vibrant city.

Visas for France

Citizens of the EU and many surrounded and surrounding countries do not need a visa to visit or live in France. Citizens of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be issued a 90-day visa on arrival or prior to departure. Citizens of other countries should consult their local French embassy to see if they require a visa for France.


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