How to Identify a Good Gelato During your Holidays

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While traveling to any destination, but especially to Italy, you might notice various gelato shops along your way. Before trying them out, there are a few factors that you might take into consideration to determine whether the product is of good quality.

  1. Gelato is different from ice cream

A good way of judging the quality of a product is to know exactly what to expect. The gelato is made by slowly churning the initial custard mixture in order to avoid air as much as possible. This is why the end result is so thick. The gelato also has more flavor as its base has less fat content that ice cream.

  1. Ornate display cases are not a gauge of quality

Some gelato shops feature tall decorated towers to let you identify the flavor. Even though these displays might be very attractive and quite tempting, this is not a gauge of quality. Unlike ice cream, the gelato needs to be kept at a higher temperature and the overall warmth is kept in control when the product is in a metal tin. You could also check for ice cream spoons available for tasting.

  1. Check out the color of the pistachio gelato

Pistachio by definition has a very earthy green color. An ideal pistachio gelato should have quite an unattractive brownish green color. Shops that feature vibrant green pistachio gelatos often use additives to achieve the color.

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