Going to the Poconos Family Resort?

October 9, 2011 by  
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If you are interested in going to a Poconos Family Resort then now is the time to act!  There are literally hundreds of different things to do there, from camping and skiing, to gambling and watching the races – NASCAR races that is!  Pocono raceway is home to two NASCAR sprint cup series races, so if you are a serious NASCAR fan, Pocono Family Vacations is probably for you.

Let’s get a little more information on Poconos Pennsylvania.  The Poconos are a mountain chain in northeastern Pennsylvania, located mainly in Pike and Monroe counties.  These mountains cover about 2,400 square miles, and the highest peak is North Knob, at 2,693 feet, or 821 meters.  If any of this is beginning to sound interesting to you, than a Poconos Family Getaways might be the perfect trip for you and your family.  The population of this area is 340,400.  The name Pocono is derived from a Lenape Indian term for stream between two mountains.  But there is much more fun to be had than simply learning the history of the Poconos.

In the Poconos, there is something that the whole family will like.  There is racing, car and harness racing horses, and betting, for those of us who like to gamble, both in a casino and on and off the racetracks.  There is camping, hiking, fishing, and skiing for those that may be more outdoors and athletically inclined.  Basically, no matter what your family is into, there will be something for everyone to do in Poconos Pennsylvania.


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